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Our Campus 

Astor International School is a boutique preparatory school that has a campus right in the city center. We are proud of our spacious classrooms with natural light. We value outdoor time and have two playgrounds accessible for our students. The campus at Tanglin Road is designed for up to 150 students. We love our small community school where every child is noticed.   

New Campus in the City

Our classrooms are bright, spacious and comfortable. Designed with the purpose to create conducive learning environment. We put extra love into each space in our school, so kids feel safe and comfortable during their learning. 

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Convenient Location 

Our school is conveniently located in the centre of Singapore. Tanglin Road is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. Minutes drive from Orchard Road, 2 bus stops from Red Hill MRT.

Our Playground

All our students spend minimum 40 minutes a day outdoor. Physical activity and outdoor play improve student concentration and have endless benefits for children's health. Astor's students have access to two outdoor play areas - a fenced playground with trampoline and customer built play equipment and a basketball court nested next to a jungle play area. 

Astor International School playground.jpg
Students in Jungle.jpg

Our Jungle

Being in the city centre, we are fortunate to have a green jungle space that our students enjoy daily. 

Activity Room and Library

Our activity room and library are designed to be comfortable and relatable to students of all ages. Here, students enjoy reading, arts and crafts and messy work!

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Field Trips

We value real-life experiences and we know that education does not only happen in the classroom. We take our students on field trips to enhance their learning experience. 

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise teaches our students healthy habits from youth. 

Let's get moving!

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Facilities and Equipment

Each classroom is equipped with all necessary materials for the engaging learning experience, such as white board and projector, themed boards according to the current learning topics, stationary and craft materials. We prioritize hands-on approach to learning, thus lot's of manipulatives are used in everyday learning and pen and paper will be prioritized over screen learning. Younger children might not have access to the devices in their school time, while older children will learn to use tablets to enhance their learning experience. 

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