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Hari Raya Art & Craft Activities: Mosque Craft

At Astor International School, we have been thinking of fun and creative ways we can celebrate the Islamic religious festival of Hari Raya. Our primary class teachers have been working hard to come up with various crafts to get all our students involved.

Ms. Chloe shares her favourite mosque craft, which is super easy and even great as a gift to family and friends!

Items needed:

  • Brown paper bag

  • Star and crescent stickers

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Coloured paper


  1. Open a brown paper bag and glue down the opening

  2. Cut different shapes out of the coloured paper that will resemble windows and doors

  3. Stick the windows and doors onto the coloured paper

  4. Cut out of coloured paper the roof and minaret (tower beacon)

  5. Stick them onto the top of the paper bag where the opening is

  6. Lastly, add stars and a crescent for the Muslim symbol.

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