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Mandarin as a Second Language: Part 4

The Astor students who have been taking Mandarin as a second language spent the term learning about different types of food. We delved into food eaten during lunch and dinner. The students thought about the types of food they have in school and at home and learnt what these foods are called in Mandarin, and then spent their time in class creating these dishes.

Learning Mandarin as a second language at Astor International School

For lunch, the students made noodles by hand, learning how to stretch them and then cook them. We then made noodles with soup for one of the meals. The students suggested corn and carrots be added to the soup and learnt how to cut the ingredients before adding them to boil. The students also mentioned that they have pasta for lunch, and we made spaghetti with olive oil, sprinkled with oregano.

For dinner, the students shared the different foods they have at home. We noticed that we all eat very different meals ranging from cous cous to rice, and beef to chicken. The students agreed that they wanted to make their own pizza, chicken, and nuggets. We made the tomato sauce from scratch. The students cut up tomatoes, added oregano, salt and sugar into a pot and brought it to a simmer. We then added that tomato sauce to a wholemeal wrap to make a pizza base. The students also added vegan, nut-free mozzarella cheese to accommodate students who have dietary needs.

Learning Mandarin as a second language at Astor International School

The students learnt how to cut up chicken fillets into cubes and covered them in breadcrumbs. The students were shown how to fry the nuggets and were shown when to flip them to make sure they were cooked thoroughly.

In the last lesson, we will be making dessert – a fruit parfait with five different types of fruits, yoghurt and honey.

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