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Our Mission

To change the face of international schools in Singapore by providing education that is engaging, relevant, flexible and affordable.

Our Values


We provide a learning environment that embraces the individuality of every student and fosters a respect for those around us.  This is embedded within The IPC Personal Goals and allows us to develop a school culture that nurtures students who are truly internationally minded.

RAZUM International School - Our Values
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All people are born creative. It is our job to nurture that creativity so that it grows and engages in every facet of a child’s life, imagination, learning and thinking. This means that we need to know each child well and give them opportunities to learn the way that they personally learn best.


We step into this learning environment, intentionally valuing the people and world around us.  We aim to nurture our students to positively impact the world we live in, with meaningful and sustainable action.

RAZUM International School - Our Mission


Our students love learning. The environment is warm and embracing and the curriculum is dynamic and engaging. Our classrooms reflect the passions and personalities of our students and teachers and the outdoor spaces foster a love for play, adventure and exploration.


In our school, students are given the opportunity to hear and be heard. We promote wellbeing and see it as equally vital as physical agility and academic advancement of students.

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