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About Our School

We believe that children are innately creative, unique and enthusiastically curious.


Astor International School is a different kind of international school.


We are committed to maintaining a bonded, nurturing community that provides students with every opportunity to belong, grow and be respected. We are committed to prioritizing student welfare in their crucial formative years. We believe that education should be holistic, flexible and sympathetic to the specific needs of each individual student. And we feel that a cost-effective education is the right of every child in Singapore. 

Communication between school and home is focused on developing positive relationships, aimed at celebrating every student as a valued and loved member of our learning community.

We pride ourselves on our four-hour school day which sets us apart from other learning institutions. The shorter hours make learning more effective and efficient, allowing students to be more focused on their core subjects such as Mathematics and English. At the same time, through our broad range of optional Enrichment Classes, we encourage our students to develop a love for Arts, Sports, Languages, Music, Dance and Drama which are instrumental in their cognitive development. 

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