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Student Support

Astor International School has developed a Student Support System to ensure that we can provide the time, support and resources needed to create a positive and effective learning environment for each student. The Student Support System is developed by the Principal in conjunction with the school founder, classroom teachers, support staff and outside specialists.

In order to identify the scope of support needed for each student, we encourage full cooperation between parents, school and any outside specialists where needed. During the admission process parents would be expected to share information about any kind of individual learning need (including English language issues, speech, concentration, behavioural etc), medical conditions, or any other relevant circumstances that their child has or might have.  

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To ensure a smooth transition and adaptation process for a child, Astor would contact the student’s previous school, learning center, therapists, outside support services and other entities who may have relevant information if it is considered necessary. If in assessing the student during the admission process, the school determines that the Student has a specific need to support, Astor will provide this support at the necessary scope. 


Astor will continue to monitor and assess the student during their time at the school. If pursuant to such an assessment the school determines that the student requires special support, the parents will be notified. 


Student Support fees vary from $545 to $4,905 (inclusive of GST) per month, depending on the scope of support needed. The Student Support fees will be invoiced in advance as part of the normal school fee invoicing cycle and will be subject to the normal cancellation/termination fees.

Students may be offered additional support during outside school hours (for example, during enrichment class time) at an additional cost of SGD76.30 to SGD92.65 per session, depending on student numbers. This is offered on a case-by-case basis and invoice per term.

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