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5 Strategies to Make Your Child Love Reading

Reading is crucial for the development of a strong foundation in education. However, getting children to love reading can be a challenge for many parents and educators. In this article, we explore a few strategies to increase children's interest in reading.

1. Create A Reading-Friendly Environment

To make reading enjoyable for children, Astor International School believes in the importance of creating a reading-friendly environment. This involves having a comfortable space that encourages them to read. The reading space can be a corner or a special chair with a cosy throw blanket. It’s important that the space is quiet, distraction-free and well-lit. You can also decorate the space with posters or art related to reading to make it more inviting. All classrooms at Astor International School have an inviting and well-decorated reading corner with bean bags and cushions for our students’ comfort.

2. Lead By Example

Children learn through observation so it’s important to lead by example. Parents or guardians should set aside time for reading and make it a regular routine. This helps show children that reading is important and a fun activity. When children see the adults in their lives enjoying reading, they are more likely to adopt the same behaviour. In the Year 2 classroom, we have a special activity called ‘Reading Mondays’. Every Monday, students can choose to bring a book from home and either read it to the class or have it read by the teacher.

3. Provide a Variety of Reading Materials

Providing a variety of reading materials is another way to make reading enjoyable for children. This can include books, comics, magazines, and graphic novels. Children may have a preference for one type of reading material, but having different options available can help keep them engaged. It’s also important to choose reading materials that are age-appropriate and cater to their interests. At Astor International School, we take the students to the public library twice every term. They are allowed to choose and borrow any book that is age-appropriate and suited to their reading ability.

4. Make Reading Interactive

Making reading interactive is another way to make it enjoyable for children. This can be done through storytelling, group readings, or even acting out scenes from a book. Parents can also ask questions about the story or plot to encourage children to think critically and engage with the material. At Astor International School, we do role-plays and lots of fun literacy activities to build their reading and comprehension skills.

5 strategies how to make your child love reading

5. Create a Reading Challenge

Creating a reading challenge can motivate children to read more. The challenge can be based on the number of books read or the amount of time spent reading each day. There can also be a reward system that encourages children to achieve their reading goals.

In conclusion, getting children to love reading requires effort and creativity from parents and educators. By creating a reading-friendly environment, leading by example, providing a variety of reading materials, making reading interactive, and creating a reading challenge, children can develop a love for reading that can last a lifetime.


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