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Exploring Professions in Mandarin: Astor International School's Creative Approach to Enrichment Classes

Unlocking the world of professions through Mandarin enrichment classes at Astor! In Term 1, our students delved into the fascinating realm of occupations, exploring everything from teachers' tools to the unique roles of marine biologists, nurses, bankers, and more. Beyond just learning names in Mandarin, our dynamic lessons included hands-on activities – from crafting judge's wigs to building traffic lights – making each session an immersive adventure. Discover how Astor blends language learning with real-world connections, creating a vibrant and engaging educational experience for our students!

Exploring professions in Mandarin at Astor International School

In Term 1, Astor students who took Mandarin as an enrichment class learnt about different occupations and their names in Mandarin Chinese. The lesson started out with the students learning about the teaching profession, and the tools teachers have and use in class. The students were then tasked to find out what their parents’ occupations were.

Back in class, the students were introduced to different occupations. We started off with the occupations of their parents. The students learnt about marine biologists, nurses, doctors, surgeons, bankers, lawyers, paramedics, dentists, postmasters, and traffic wardens. Not only did students learn what they are called in Mandarin, but they also learnt about the tools of the trade, and undertook activities related to the profession. After each lesson, we gave students plenty of opportunities to practice saying the words in Mandarin. Multiple exposure and opportunities to practice a language helps to make it ‘stick’ as neural pathways are strengthened.

Exploring professions in Mandarin at Astor International School

For example, the students created a judge’s wig when learning about lawyers and judges and even created their own stamps when they learnt about postmasters! When learning about dentists, the students created a set of teeth. We discussed the number of teeth children have, and the number of teeth adults have. The students then counted twenty packing peanuts, in Mandarin, to be used as their teeth. The students really enjoyed creating a traffic light out of recycled materials when learning about traffic wardens as well.

At Astor, we strive to make learning relatable to the students while providing plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning. Having students learn about their parents' profession helps them be more engaged in the lessons as the topics are directly related to their lives. Hands-on activities are proven to leave a longer impact on the child’s learning as compared to route learning, or when only one of their senses is engaged.

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