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Getting Crafty during Mathematics Lessons!

"Can we have more arts and crafts sessions?" children always ask.

While textbooks merely teach the content, arts and crafts ensure that the seeds of curiosity are sown while learning the content of mathematics. It helps the content be ingrained in their minds with great interest and passion.

"Math is not a subject that can probe creativity" is a common misconception that has been proven wrong at Astor International School. The beauty of math is revealed through our craft activities.

What do fractions have to do with crafts?

Students began their fractions journey by creating a fraction mosaic, using pieces of coloured paper. With this fun, hands-on activity, our students could identify and understand fractions visually.

They were tasked with counting the number of squares they used in the art for each colour. They used this data and turned it into fractions. For example, 13 out of 35 squares were red. While representing this data into fractions, they observed that all the colours added up to the denominator value, making it whole.

Evaluating the benefits of integrating art

This activity was a hit! Their artwork helped them learn how to identify different fractions at work.

Additionally, it engaged visual-spatial learners, improving their comprehension while having fun! Integrating art during maths lessons improves their creativity and focus. Both math and art require spatial reasoning skills and the ability to recognise patterns.

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