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Hari Raya Craft – Ramadan Star and Moon Crown

Astor International School students are celebrating the Hari Raya festival, which falls on the 3rd of May this year.

The festival draws significance to the stars and moon, which represent the guidance of God for Muslims on the path through life.

Students join in with the festivities by doing creative crafts, here's one below to try at home!


  • Pen or pencil

  • Paper

  • Star and moon cookie cutter

  • Scissors

  • Glue


1. Cut paper about 4 cm in width to make the band of the crown. 2. On a seperate piece of paper, trace the star and moon using a cookie cutter or a stencil.

3. Cut the stars and the moon and attach it to the band. 4. Decorate the crown with glitter, colour pencils and markers. 5. Glue the two ends of the band to make a crown.

*The moon and star should face the front of the crown.

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