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How Does the World's Fastest Train Move?


In this writing, I am going to talk about how the world's fastest train works. Before I write about it, I am going to talk about what is the world's fastest train. It is a train called Maglev Train in Japan, and the top speed is 505 km per hour. Would you like to know more? Then read it on...

How does it work

The Maglev Train works by electrifying the propulsion that generates a magnetic field that both pulls the train forward from the front and pushes it forward from behind. That causes the Maglev Train to go really fast.

Fun facts

Did you know that the Maglev Train will soon connect Tokyo to Osaka in around 67 minutes? The Maglev Train will start to move from Tokyo station in 2027. And, the Maglev Train got a Guinness Record as the world's fastest train.


In conclusion, the world's fastest train will start to move from the station in Japan,4 years later. But, there might be a faster train, compared to the Maglev Train!


Propulsion - The action of diving or pushing forwards

Magnetic field - A region around a magnetic material or a moving electric charge within which the force of magnetism acts.

This explanatory writing was prepared by Y6 Astor student Kohshiro.

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