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Make a Craft for Chinese New Year!

Lunar New Year is around the corner, and what better time to make a Great Wall of China craft! This activity will work on children’s fine motor skills, resilience and patience!

Time needed: 1 hour


· 2 x A4 card

· 1 x A4 green paper

· 1 x foam (you can buy this at Daiso)

· 1 x glue

· 1 x scissors

· 1 x pencil

· 1 x roll of masking tape

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Fold the green paper lengthways and cut it down the middle. On each piece, cut about 1-inch snips along the top. This will be the grass adjacent to the wall. Once you have done this, you can make your grass look more authentic by cutting along some of the snips so the edges are not straight. See the example on the right.

2. Line up the grass to the edge of the card (snips facing inwards) and glue it on. Remember to only put glue on the non-cut part of the grass. Fold the grass back to make it stand up.

3. Now it is time to make the fort. Holding the card in portrait position, fold it in two by lining up the top to the bottom. Cut down the folded line.

4. On both pieces of card use a pencil to draw an outline of a fort as you can see in the example below. Remember to include an entrance.

5. Use masking tape to stick both sides of the fort together so it assembles into a cube shape.

6. Add the fort to one end of the card that has the grass attached. You can do this with masking tape or glue.

7. Now let’s make the wall! Draw lines on the foam that are about 1-inch thick. Cut each line to make the foam into small blocks. Use glue to assemble these into a wall from the fort to the edge of the paper. Make sure the grass is on the outside of the wall.

Congratulations, you have made a Great Wall of China craft!

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