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Phonics Craft Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills

Art is a great way to develop fine motor skills. Each day at Astor, we try to do an art activity that is linked to the sounds we are learning.

The list below are examples of fine motor skills that can be developed through art:

- cutting a long a line - cutting something small - gluing small things - using both hands to stick something down - scrunching paper - colouring within the lines - tracing - folding etc. Fine motor skills are very important for children to develop as this builds the strength in their hands which helps with their :

- pencil grip, - letter formation, - work presentation, - stamina (the length of time they can work for), - awareness of space (writing on the line, colouring inside the lines) etc.

Linking art to phonics is a great way for children to be reminded that phonics is used in many different situations, not just in a book. It also means in the afternoon when we are getting a bit tired we can still continue our learning with something engaging, hands-on and that has many benefits.

Find more ideas for interactive fun activities here.

Find out more about Astor International School by booking a tour here.

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