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Red Packet Lanterns for Art and Craft Activities

Chinese New Year is here, and many companies are handing out Red Packets. What do you do with them all? Here is a fun craft activity you can do with your extra Red Packets and use them to decorate your house too.

What you need:

  • 3 Red Packets (makes 1 lantern)

  • Glue

  • Scissors

How to make a Red Packet Lantern:

Step 1: Get 2 Red Packets and cut the small folder piece at the opening of the Red Packet off.

Step 2: Take the 2 Red Packets and cut down one side and the bottom (so the Red Packet can open)

Step 3: Keep the Red Packet folded and cut small slits from the closed side 3 quarters of the way through (about 2cm between each cut).

Step 4: Open your 2 Red Packs and lay them side by side and glue the overlapping side together.

Step 5: Join the other the sides together and glue.

Step 6: Take your third Red Packet and cut a 2cm strip off. Open the strip up and glue that across the top of your lantern as a handle.

On Friday January 28th students at Astor International School joined in a day of celebration and made Red Packet Chinese Lanterns. Great fun for all ages, a great use of the many Red Packets we have at home and they look fantastic too.

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