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Why Do Leaves Change Colour in the Fall?


In the fall when it gets a little bit colder depending on where you are the leaves might turn brown, red, or even yellow, but have you ever wondered why? In this explanation writing, I am going to write about why leaves change color in the fall. If you would like to know more, read on. . .

The Changing Of The Seasons

We all know that there are different seasons in different countries. In Singapore, it does not snow but in Canada it does, so in Singapore, there is no fall but in Canada there is. Let's say you're in Canada for the fall you will see the leaves change colour. If you have ever wondered why, read on.

The Explanation

In the fall, the weather will get increasingly colder, reducing the amount of chlorophyll. The outcome will be that the leaves will turn all sorts of colours until they wilt and turn brown. An easier explanation is as it gets colder, they get fewer nutrients and they turn brown. If you think you understand, go to the conclusion.


In conclusion, it's very interesting to read about plants. If there were any words that you didn't understand you can read the glossary. Thank you for reading this explanation writing.


Chlorophyll - a substance that leaves a green colour

Nutrients - a substance that provides nourishment

Explanation - to fully explain a thought or a moment

This explanatory writing was prepared by Y5 Astor student Carmela.

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