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Benefits from Art and Craft activities

In today’s world, technology has become a vital part of everyday life, even for children. Parents are reaching for the iPad in order to keep children entertained. However, Arts and Crafts is a great alternative that ensures positive development for children.

At Astor International school we offer Art and Crafts as an extracurricular activity, for students. Art and craft activities give children a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence.

Here are 5 important areas of child development that arts and crafts help with:

  1. Fine motor skills are developed when children use their hands and fingers to manipulate art materials. Simple actions like holding a paintbrush can strengthen muscles and improve their control. In art and craft activities children have the freedom to do whatever they desire, this allows their motor skills to refine and expand more quickly.

  2. Art and craft activities allow students to develop their creativity and express themselves in their creations. Creativity is also about thinking, exploring, discovering and imagining. There are no restrictions in drawing and painting, so this gives children the chance to express themselves.

  3. Art and craft activities give Astor's student a sense of achievement and build their self-esteem. Children should take pride in their work, encouraging them to feel confident. In addition, art and crafts have been known to be a great assistive tool that helps with sensory learning, especially for children with ADHD, dyslexia or similar conditions.

  4. Literacy skills are developed when children make artwork. Children are encouraged to talk about their work and express themselves. Also, follow instructions, listen to others which helps them learn new vocabulary and comprehension skills, and boosts speaking and reading.

  5. Art and craft activities help develop maths skills. International school students learn to become good thinkers and better problem-solvers whilst recognising different shapes, colours and counting. Art also improves concentration skills and fosters critical thinking skills, as children have to make their own decisions and evaluate them.

Astor recommends these arts and craft ideas to try at home:

  1. Making slime

  2. Ribbon wreath plates

  3. Dream catchers

  4. Friendship bracelets

  5. Paper flowers

  6. Dip dye candles

  7. Tie dye t-shirts

  8. Animal origami


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