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How Does Evolution Work?


Billions of years ago, everything was just one single cell/organism and that cell was the ancestor of everything. Over time, countless changes shaped the size of cells in our DNA.

How does it work?

The reason cell changes is because of mutation. The mutation is a random change in the DNA which is one of the main reasons why we look a lot different 6 million years ago or when whales used to roam the land.

How can evolution affect us?

There are many ways evolution can affect us. For example, if we wanted to survive in other places such as the ocean our bodies would have to slowly develop to adapt to the environment and then 6 million years later then our bodies will be adapted the ocean life.


There are still some mysteries on evolution but this is all the information we could find on evolution for now.


Mutation = a change in our body

DNA = the thing for an organism to develop

Cell = the smallest unit in our body for us to function

This explanatory writing was prepared by Y7 Astor student Akira.

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