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What is the Real Reason that Caused Ostriches to be Flightless?


Ostriches are a type of bird. They got wings just like any other bird. But they just can't fly! What is the real problem that caused them to be flightless?

What do wings do... for ostriches?

Wings help most birds to fly but not for ostriches and some other birds, such as penguins. Wings help ostriches balance while they run, and ostriches use their wings to display courtship during mating season.

Real Reason!

Many say the body of ostriches is too heavy to fly, it's true. But to fly, birds need wing bones, while flightless birds like ostriches don't have keel bones where flight muscles are attached.


Ostriches have been flightless for about 10 million years, and during this period, they developed good leg muscles, which made them some of the fastest land animals. I'm pretty sure that they have adapted to being flightless.


Flightless: Naturally unable to fly

Display courtship: Behaviors a male animal would use to attract a female

Keel bones: Breastbone

This explanatory writing was prepared by Y7 Astor student Lucy.


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