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The Home-School Partnership at Astor International School

The home-school partnership and parent support plays a crucial role in our children’s academic success and overall development. So what is this partnership all about?

The Home-School Partnership at Astor International School

Home-school partnerships involve collaborative working relationships between families and schools. At Astor International School we strive to create an environment that has open communication and where parents feel supported and free to chat about their children. When parents actively engage in a child’s education, it models a positive learning environment and enhances the child’s interest and motivation to learn, therefore encouraging them to become life-long learners. It is also essential in encouraging a positive attitude towards learning. When parents and teachers collaboratively show their interest and enthusiasm in a child's education, it greatly impacts their motivation and engagement.

The Home-School Partnership at Astor International School

One of the key benefits of this home-school partnership is the improvement in understanding what each child really needs to excel in all learning areas. It allows us to exchange valuable information about a child’s strengths, challenges, and areas of improvement. Teachers can then tailor their instruction to meet each student’s individual needs, ultimately resulting in better academic outcomes. As a teacher I have a strong belief in the ideology of developing learners from a holistic point of view. By creating open and regular communication between home and school we can better support our children on a social-emotional, spiritual and academic level.

Teachers and parents actively supporting children not only reinforces the value of education but also instils a sense of responsibility and discipline in children. Additionally, it demonstrates to children that their education is a top priority at home and at school; which can boost self-confidence and academic achievements.

Here are some tips for supporting your children at home:

  1. Demonstrate a positive attitude about education to your children with regular discussions about what they are learning in school.

  2. If something worries you about your child’s development or behaviour, speak to their teacher.

  3. Encourage a love for books by reading with your child often and visiting your local library regularly.

  4. Get involved in homework and school projects.

  5. Encourage questioning and active learning by having discussions on a wide range of topics and in a variety of different settings.

  6. Encouraging your child to use Kids A-Z . By accessing the Parent Portal you can view books your child is reading, see how many books your child has read and review reports.

The Home-School Partnership at Astor International School


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