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Why Do Bunnies Twitch their Nose?

Good question, I'm not sure we all twitch our nose sometimes. If you want to find out then read on...


Mostly, their noses help them figure out where to find other rabbits and where to find the closest hole or hiding place. By wiggling its nose, the rabbit exposes more of those receptors to the air and smells the scents that the air contains. The faster it wiggles the more receptors are exposed.

Do Rabbits Twitch Their Nose When Happy?

When your rabbit is happy, you might notice them do a little "binky". This is when they hop into the air, twist a little bit, then land back down, with its nose twitching. Happy and content rabbits will be constantly wiggling and twitching their noses, whether they're bouncing or relaxed.


Receptors: Receivers in your body

Twitch: body movement

Constantly: all the time

This explanatory writing was prepared by Year 6 Astor student, Sophia.

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