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Why Do Cats Like Themselves?


Cats groom themselves not only to keep clean, but for several other health reasons. The cat also likes to protect themselves from scary situations like vacuums and dirt in their fur, cats are obsessed with being clean.


Cats regulate body temperature. To keep her coat clean and smooth by distributing natural skin oils. To stimulate circulation. You may catch your cat licking her paws or chewing on herself from time to time. Why do cats clean themselves? Self-grooming is a trademark characteristic of most cats that begins right after birth. Mothers lick their kittens to clean them , provoke urination and sucking, and provide and strengthen their bond. At 4 weeks of age, kittens begin grooming themselves, and shortly thereafter start grooming their mother and littermates. This self-grooming and mutual grooming(referred to as allogrooming) continues into adulthood.

Characteristics of cats

Cats are flexible, strategic, and well-equipped for grooming. everything from the rough surface of a cat's tongue to her sharp teeth, comb-like paws, and forepaw add up to a finely tuned grooming Machine. A cat can even use her front paws to stimulate tiny oil glands on her head. The oil is a cat's perfume and it is spread all over the body. Cats lick for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's to show love and affection and at other times due to stress or underlying medical conditions.


In conclusion, cats like themselves for many reasons. Cats like licking themselves because they are very obsessed with clean fur. The cat cannot lick all the time because the fur will come off and you need to do medical treatments for the cat may also have bald spots after licking too much.


Lick - when you use your tongue to feel something

Cat - an animal with triangle ears

Temperature - the degree of something which is hot or cold

Grooming - when the animal purrs

Medicine - a pill that makes you feel better

Perfume - a bottle with a special oil scent

Fun facts

Cats really love to lick themselves non-stop to be very clean!

This explanatory writing was prepared by Y6 Astor student Iwo.

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