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How to Create an "In The Box" Holiday Greeting Card

Have you ever come across a Box photograph? – At Astor International School, it turns out to be the ideal approach to take a class picture during covid times!

Taking shots in a box is a new creative portraiture trend.

Construct a large box and capture students while they pose inside it. The best photographs are chosen and placed together, giving the impression of a large stack of cubes.

Astor students posing in the boxes were significantly more exciting for them; since they were eager to express themselves through their poses.


A sturdy cardboard box, preferably square in shape.

My box's quality was not great, so dont worry if it's not perfect. I designed it to fit the size of my students. I used masking tape to keep the flaps and sides of the box from moving too much.

I did need a lot of help from my students to keep the flaps together on the sides. They had a great time, as it was our own class photography project.

Using my phone’s settings, in square mode, I photographed my students, taking care to include the sides/flaps of the cardboard in the shot. They were free to be creative and utilise some of the Christmas decorations we had, as well as pose as they preferred.

I'd say the most challenging shot to take was my own since I had to be careful to match my students' personalities.


The photographs were then uploaded to Canva.

Canva signup was simple and quick. I chose a design with a wide-opened cardboard to utilise as a border. Canva had various cardboard templates to choose from. I strategically arranged all of the photographs inside the cardboard template in a grid-like pattern.

Following that, I used Canva to add winter ornaments and festive decorations. I was spoiled for choice because there were so many options and designs to select from.

My kids had the opportunity to make adjustments and provide feedback as I revised and changed the Holiday card. They thoroughly enjoyed giving me suggestions for changes.


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