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How to Make a Catapult

Catapults are great fun for children to make and play with, with the added benefit of exercising their fine motor skills and patience.

Ages: 6+

Time: 20 minutes

List of items needed:

1 x small plastic or wooden spoon

5 x elastic bands

1 x tin

3 x lollipop sticks

Safe objects to catapult, such as pom-poms or pieces of play-doh


  1. Get the tin and an elastic band. Wrap the elastic band at the bottom of the tin until you can only slide a finger underneath.

  2. Repeat this step but this time put the elastic band at the top of the tin

  3. Get a lollipop stick and fix it onto the tin by sliding it underneath the top and bottom elastic bands.

  4. Repeat step number three but this time put another lollipop stick next to the first.

Note: the lollipop sticks and elastic bands should be secure on the tin, not loose and moving around. If this is the case you can either tie the elastic band around the tin once more (if you are able to) or tie another elastic band on top of the first.

5. Separately, get a lollipop stick, a spoon, and an elastic band. Put the stick and spoon in a cross (+) position, with the stick from side to side and the spoon standing upright. Tie them together using the elastic band. A good way to do this is by:

  • Starting with the elastic band over the “head” of the spoon;

  • Twist it over the “arm” of the stick;

  • Twist it under the “bottom” of the spoon;

  • Twist it over the other “arm” of the stick.

  • Repeat until the stick and the spoon are secure.

6. Using the stick that has the spoon attached, add it to the top of the other two sticks that are already secured on the tin by repeating step number 3.

7. Get your object to catapult and enjoy!

Note: if the catapult is not “springy” enough, it means the “head” of the spoon needs to be pulled out a little further from the tin.

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